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About MpressEve ©MpressEvejpg.jpg

About Mpress Eve

Artsy Photography & Videography.

I'm a French and Canadian Afro-Caribbean artist who simply loves playing with cameras.

Freezing a moment in time, framing what impresses me the most through my lenses; “les femmes et la nature”. I enjoy manipulating lights, shapes and angles to capture unique images that reveal Beauty in its finest.

​In regards to Boudoir / Provocative photography, I particularly enjoy revealing the sides that the model may or may not have known about herself. Creating a provocative image without reveal much at all. 

Whether the reason she wants to capture the moment for that special someone in her life or as a gift to herself, she will look back on these photos 10 or 20 years from now and remember the beauty and power she possesses.. 

Simply put...Impressive !

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